Legendary CE course instructor, educator and industry heavy weight Cathy McDaniel understood the value of Social Media, but how to stay connected with her audience of over 35,000 Agents meant that she would need to level-up both her Social Media strategy and kick start an already weak email nurturing strategy with more customized messaging. Cathy was also smack in the middle of a joint venture to establish a real estate learning facility, the Atlanta Training Campus in Norcross GA. As a real estate educator, community activist and faith-based believer Cathy was ready to get in the game, but ‘how to and where to’ start that meant Cathy would need more than a Social Media solution, rather Cathy would need to get plugged in to a Marketing Agency that could guide her step-by-step to get things accomplished the right way…..the Cathy Mc WAY.


Iron House worked with Cathy to better understand what Social Media channels made sense for her brand, from there the goal was to comb out an email nurturing strategy that complimented a super packed calendar of CE course events hosted by Cathy or a variety of CE course instructors at the Atlanta Training Campus. We decided to present each course as a journey, which meant highlighting the vibe of each class through Social Media, as well as using email nurture streams to announce upcoming class events. By choosing AmplifyPro Cathy is all the way plugged in on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin, mix that with a monthly email cadence of customized messaging to a targeted audience of over 35,000 Agents, its safe to say that Cathy Mc is BACK!

Creative & flawless execution with a sense of urgency & focus on results is how I’d describe IronHouse Marketing.

Lucas Gregory
Lucas Gregory Product Design - UNATION