De Howard knew the most effective way to reach an audience would be by creating a cool brand that would mix in personal life with business and demonstrate authenticity in a credible and relatable way. However, most often it is very tricky finding this balance highlighting brand lifestyle and business. Creating this mix would mean photoshoots, new headshots, social media profile redesign to get De ready for a re-introduction to the digital world.


As Dee sought to combine her interest in fitness with her professional Realtor ‘life’, she needed to find a way to engage followers in a really cool way. With an assist from IronHouse, she made it happen. Dee choose IronHouse to drive the launch of re-introducing Dee to the digital world. With the implementation of IronHouse AmplifyPro, the focus was on improving Brand consistency across all social channels. This meant a social site profile page redesign to Dee’s Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook business page. Now her followers receive consistent messaging and content across all social channels. With so many Real Estate Agents leveraging Social Media every day, AmplifyPro presents a great solution for Dee to differentiate her brand from other Realtors who just use social media to promote boring content.


Creative & flawless execution with a sense of urgency & focus on results is how I’d describe IronHouse Marketing.

Lucas Gregory
Lucas Gregory Product Design - UNATION