Lisa and Mark Zolodos not only want to reach a new audience using social media and email nurturing, but they also wanted to work towards a larger goal – to further establish their brand to a new audience of Social Media users. Lisa and Mark thought staying connected over Social Media, promoting open house events, and educating people are powerful examples of using social media and email nurturing for growing out referrals. Understanding that each piece of content that they post is another opportunity to bring new visitors to their site, giving them a chance to convert.
So, how could IronHouse bring Lisa and Mark’s messaging goals to more potential customer…and the world at large?


IronHouse designed, IronHouse created, IronHouse delivered…..

IronHouse created a very professional, cool brand that represented Lisa and Mark in an authentic way using content that presented personality, making their brand both accessible, and familiar for potential new homebuyers. Using AmplifyPro Lisa and Mark was able to make authentic connections with potential homeowners, rather than just delivering lame direct marketing messages – like direct mail.  

Creative & flawless execution with a sense of urgency & focus on results is how I’d describe IronHouse Marketing.

Lucas Gregory
Lucas Gregory Product Design - UNATION